Accelerate your growth with A1

A1 Partnership Program is a project focused on supporting startups and innovative technology companies supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

We are committed to empowering our users' digital experience through solutions and services that deliver value. Therefore, we seek to build new strategic partnerships with companies developing innovative products and services that cater to user needs. We have extensive business experience, a user network of 2.4 million in Serbia, and the strength of a regional brand operating across 7 markets within the A1 Group.

 We welcome startups in seed or growth phases, along with innovative tech companies, to reach out to us.

The A1 Partnership program is for your business if

You are developing a digital B2B or B2C product

Elevate your digital product to a new level of success with our support.

The product has early adopters and is ready for further expansion

Harness our network of 2.4 million business and private users to showcase your product to a broader audience.

You are developing a SAAS business model

We emphasize the SAAS model because it offers easy product accessibility to a wide range of end users and rapid scalability.

What you get from A1

Access to a user network and placement in the market

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to showcase your product on our network, which consists of 2.4 million private and business users.

Utilizing the A1 infrastructure

The opportunity to test the product using our infrastructure.

Mentorship and expertise from experts of various profiles

Our colleagues will share knowledge from different fields and provide support on the journey to success.

Access to business partners in all markets of the A1 Group

Explore new horizons of business opportunities with A1. Unlock potential collaborations with our business partners in the regional market.

Business sectors where we are searching for partnerships

Steps to partnership


We evaluate the product's alignment with our business requirements.


We assess collaboration feasibility through concept validation (Proof of Concept - PoC) or pilot projects.


We come to an agreement on the business collaboration model.

Scale your business through a partnership with A1

Become a partner

Answers to your questions

What is the next step after you submit your application?

After submitting your application, you'll receive a confirmation of receipt and feedback on the next steps. The subsequent stage involves a selection and evaluation process to determine if the basic criteria are met. If all conditions are satisfied, you'll be invited to the final phase of the selection process - the pitch. Participants who don't meet the criteria will be informed, including the reasons for this outcome.

What does the process of selecting and evaluating potential A1 partners entail?

The selection and evaluation process involves an initial assessment to determine if the basic criteria for partnership are met. Some of the most important criteria include having a digital product, initial users, preferably a SaaS business model, and whether the solution complements our product portfolio and is ready for further growth.

The next step is an interview during which we aim to get better acquainted. During this phase, we'll listen to your pitch, see a product demo, and discuss details of the business model and potential collaboration.

After the interview, we'll inform you about any potential follow-up discussions, as well as our decision on whether we consider ourselves a suitable partner for your business.

What can you anticipate in the process of establishing a partnership?

During the collaboration establishment process, you can expect the following steps. Firstly, we will delve into what our partnership might entail, including considering various business collaboration models. Subsequently, through the implementation of a Proof of Concept (PoC) or pilot project, we will test the chosen collaboration model, assess its feasibility, and evaluate the results. Based on the success of the PoC/pilot project, we will make decisions about the subsequent steps in the collaboration establishment process.

Does having prior experience in collaborating with corporations as partners provide an advantage?

Being recognized for the quality of your product and your company as a potential partner by other corporations is a valuable indicator. While we consider this an advantage, it's important to note that it's not a fundamental criterion expected for you to meet. Even if you lack previous experience in collaborating with other corporations, what is crucial for us is to observe evidence of market interest in your product and its readiness for further development. That's where our primary focus lies.

What do you need to prepare to submit the most appropriate application?

To ensure a high-quality application that reflects the professionalism we value in our potential partners, we've prepared useful tips on our application page. Please fill out the partnership application carefully to provide us with all the necessary information.

We're particularly interested in receiving the most up-to-date version of your pitch deck. We aim to learn more about your product's user base, their satisfaction levels, sales channels, costs, the sustainability of your business model, future development plans, financial viability, and your team's capabilities. It's crucial to us that principles of ethical business practices and compliance with all regulatory standards are at the forefront.

Paying attention to detail and maintaining a professional approach while completing the application is crucial for setting the stage for a successful collaboration.

How can you become an A1 partner?

Our partnership program is always open, and you can apply anytime on the Become a partner page. Whether you're developing a B2B or B2C product, we're excited to learn about your solution. Also, visit our Thematic Calls page where you can find ongoing calls for specific solutions. These calls have time limitations, so don't miss the chance to apply!

How can you determine if this program is suitable for your business?

Do you possess an innovative digital product, genuine early users, an ideal SaaS business model, and aspire to expedite your business growth? Our program is tailor-made for your business! Through partnering with A1, you gain the chance to grow and scale. We offer you the opportunity to showcase your product to our user network and accelerate market expansion.

Who is the A1 Partnership Program intended for?

The A1 partnership is aimed at startups in the seed and growth stages, as well as other technology companies developing innovative solutions. If your digital product adds value to users, solves their real problems, and has received positive feedback from early users - it's time to take the next step. Elevate your product, expedite sales, and enhance your business through a partnership with us.


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